Oriental Dance


Safiyah is a professional performer, choreographer and instructor of Oriental Dance, better known as Belly Dance. The Portuguese rising star teaches and performs on stages around the world and she is well recognized by her elegance, accurate technique, versatility, knowledge and classical style. Find out more about her...

When Safiyah dances, magic happens! We travel to other places... (Teresa Ogando)


Bellydance Classes ONLINE 

>>> Now you can learn Oriental Dance from home through ONLINE classes. Private and group classes, recorded or live, are available. You can choose what is better for you!


"I'm proud to be Safiyah's student... You're a beautiful person! Congratulations for your journey and work in our community and I hope to be part of what is still to come." Ana Margarida

"Safiyah is the best! She isn't just a teacher and the classes aren't "just classes"... we also have a friend and a place to have fun and enjoy ourselves while we learn and dance." Marta Esteves

"I'm so proud to be part of this beautiful Oriental Dance group, for the experience, knowledge of this art, friendship and lovely moments, but behind all this there's a kind, friendly and professional teacher." Helena Marques

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