Classes & Workshops

One Hip Drop at a time

Safiyah loves to teach and prepare all her classes with method and detail respecting each student's individual progress and self-expression.

Benefits of practicing Oriental Dance:

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence  
  • Improve strength, flexibility, posture, body awareness and balance
  • Make new friends and join a worldwide dance community 
  • Boost immunity, happiness and personal fulfillment 



Learn the art of Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) with a progressive method and deep knowledge by a qualified and experienced teacher. This class offers different schedules for all ages, body shapes and levels. 

  • Foundation and advanced technique, choreography and improvisation 
  • Musicality, artistic expression and interpretation
  • Tradition, historical and cultural context

Safiyah also provides theoretical material and recorded quality videos as a study and practice complement. You can dance at our annual presentations and other initiatives (optional).

Receive Oriental Dance Certificate for each level achieved.

Win Prizes at Bellydance Contests. Safiyah coaches students to get the best position in dance competitions around the world.

Travel to Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and other places to learn from the best local teachers and have a full oriental experience. Check here: Belly Dance Tours


These classes are perfect for the petit dancers. They can learn, have fun and dance a lot! Very creative, didactic and playful dance class with lots of benefits:

  • Improves overall health, strength, flexibility and balance
  • Offers moderate to vigorous aerobic activity
  • Develops motor and coordination skills
  • Increases self-esteem, confidence and happiness 
  • Culture awareness and positive social skills

We travel through different cultures and artistic expressions, dancing to traditional music. Age: 3 to 13.

Location and price: on demand

Student Leyla Sofia Santos competed twice and won two prizes: 1º Place (Princess) and 2º Place (Amateur), in 2018 and 2019, at the Oriental Dance Weekend International Festival. Sofia was 8 years old when she started belly dancing and she is Safiyah's student since 2013.


These classes are suitable for everyone who wants to learn Belly Dance in a private place,  get focus and personalized training or just can't join the regular schedule classes. 
  • All levels available, from beginner to professional 
  • Coaching dancers for competition and other events
  • Musicality, interpretation, technique and improvisation
  • Help to compose a choreography or learn one made by Safiyah
This classes are available for one or two people.

Safiyah Studio - Ericeira

Price 1 Person: 25€/h

Pack 4 Lessons 80€ | Pack 8 Lessons: 150€

Price 2 People: 15€/h (per person)Other locations around Mafra/Lisboa:



Now you can learn with Safiyah anytime anywhere! Live lessons by Zoom on demand. These private online classes are perfect if you can't meet Safiyah and still want to learn everything about this beautiful dance. You can also get recorded lessons to practice and complement your studies and practice. Safiyah teaches from her very comfortable and suitable studio. You can learn any technique, props, choreographies and also get theoretical lessons.

Price: 20€ per hour | Pack 4 lessons: 70€

Paypment: Bank Transfer, MBWay or Paypal


Birthday | Bachelorette | Baby Shower | Other Parties

Personalized group classes for special events.  Don't miss this opportunity to gather your friends for the most pleasant class ever. Learn Belly Dance from the best, take some pictures, have lots of fun and share unforgettable moments.
Local and duration: on demand.
Price: 150€ per hour
(plus travel costs outside Mafra and Lisbon)
Note: Safiyah doesn't perform in Bachelor and other male parties.


Safiyah offers several workshops and intensive courses for those who want to learn a specific subject or can't attend regular classes:

  • Props: Veil, Double veil, Seven Veils, Fan Veil, Isis Wings, Sword, Candle Tray and Shamadan.
  • Dance and play Sagat/ Zills.
  • Oriental Dance, Arab Dances, Turkish, Egyptian, folk and traditional, Golden Era, Classic and Modern Styles.
  • Historical and cultural context.
  • Musicality, Instruments and Rhythms, Interpretation.

Check all workshops and courses here: News 


I always say to my new colleagues (...) that they are joining the best class ever and their lives won't be the same. And it is exactly like that, having classes with Safiyah is not "just" about learning how to dance but it's also a journey through culture, dance and music. We learn new things every class, we dive deep into a wonderful world and open our eyes and mind about everything that surrounds us (...) These classes changed me..." Sara Costa

Safiyah is the teacher responsible for awakening the passion for Belly Dance in my body, heart and soul. If you never try, you'll never know." Cristina Costa