Once upon a time...

Safiyah is a Portuguese dancer and teacher of Oriental Dance, better known as Belly Dance. She started dancing Modern Jazz and Contemporary at a young age. Later, while living in London, she discovered her true passion about Oriental Dance. She has completed all level programs in Egyptian Classical Dance at the famous Pineapple Studios. Along with Oriental Dance, Safiyah learned other ethnical and traditional dances like Indian (Kathak) and Persian Classical, Bollywood and Gypsy Dances. She also practices Yoga and Pilates to improve her dance and teaching skills. She has been learning and practicing with the best international masters like: Dina Talaat, Randa Kamal, Farida Fahmy, Raquia Hassan, Doaa Salam, Mohamed Farouk, Hoda Ibrahim, Nourhan Sharif, Asmahan, Kamilia, Hossam Ramzy, Shahrzad, Pierre Haddad, Jillina, Khaled Mahmoud, Joana Saahirah, Mohamed El Sayed, Didem, Serkan Tutar, Azad Kaan, Gigi Dilshad, Esmeralda Colabone, Karim Nagi, Yasmina of Cairo, Marta Korzun, Oxana Bazaeva, Miriam Peretz and many others.

Safiyah started teaching in 2009, and since then she has been offering regular classes, intensive courses and workshops in Portugal and other countries. She travels regularly to dance at International Festivals and other events, and learns with her masters and dance teachers around the world, but also for personal research and to be truly connected with the Oriental Dance art, history and cultural context. Since 2019, she organizes tailor-made Belly Dance Tours for other dancers, students or enthusiasts of this art scene.

Safiyah completed a few courses in Arabic language, Arab Culture and the Islamic presence and Arabian influence in Iberian Peninsula (Al Andalus) and, as a self-taught person, loves to read, do research and visit all places related to her art form.

She danced at the biggest World Dance and Music Festivals in Portugal and beyond borders like MED Loulé and FMMSines, Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo, Rakkas Istanbul and Ishtar Congress in Dubai. Safiyah is often invited to perform at private parties, corporate events, historical and theme festivals and other events.

The Portuguese rising star often participates in several projects: Gnawa Al Baraka (Moroccan Music Group), Emad Selim Group (Tanoura and Egyptian Folk Dance), TAMARA (Oriental Dance Fusion with live music), Batida Balkanica (Dj Set and Performance), Orientalism (Oriental Dance with live music), Hafla Tarab (world dances showcase).

Safiyah creates and produces conceptual shows and other initiatives in order to preserve, promote and demystify Oriental Dance within her community.

Safiyah is a proud ambassador of the label Pharaonix of Egypt and an official member of the International Dance Council by UNESCO, since 2019.