One Thousand and One Nights

Now your event can be even more delightful with a touch of Orientalism. Safiyah offers fun, elegance and  an exciting family-friendly performance that will amazed everyone.

  • Weddings, engagement parties, henna and bachelorette parties
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers
  • Corporate events, festivals, concerts, theme parties
  • Restaurants, nightclub shows and hotels


Would you like to spice up your party with an exquisite and highly experienced artist? Now you can hire a bellydancer who is recognized by her professionalism, versatility and elegance that is sure to be the highlight of your event.

  • Shows can be solo, with live music and with Safiyah's belly dance group.
  • Different styles of Oriental Dance and Fusion : Middle East Dances, Egyptian, Turkish, Arabian Folk, Persian Classical Dance, Gypsy Fusion and Bollywood.
  • Variety of props and instruments that will amazed your audience: Veils, Sword, Shamadan, Candle tray, Sagat/Zills, Assaya (saidi cane), Fan Veil, Isis Wings.
  • Glamorous and family-friendly presentation. Safiyah wears the best international dance designers to perfectly suit her presentation to your event atmosphere. 
  • Safiyah promises entertainment, fun and interaction with the audience when needed or applicable. 
  • Personalized and professional service guaranteed. 


  • Dance Show with Live Music
  • Nacional and Internacional Dance Festivals
  • Dance Students Presentations
  • Conceptual and Theme Shows
  • Public Events, Concerts, Exhibitions 


Clients' Testimonials

"It was a wedding gift from the parents to the guests. The surprise was prepared. Excellent moment that entertained our guests and the bride and groom (...) Amazing moment that made us travel to other places and dream. The wedding became richer. Safiyah showed why she is one of the best for the job. Excellent work. I highly recommend!" João Simões

"Safiyah is a professional, high-quality, authentic artist that impressed all of my Middle Eastern guests. They loved her elegance, poise and class. She is truly a dancer of an international level. I would recommend her to everyone. 5 Stars!" Sousan Sadr